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This gallery presents postcards
without stamp or stamping,
but with a handwritten date.
The postal use is mostly unclear.
FRHW001    Verdun, le 22 [year unclear], Le ravin de la mort.
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FRHW002    20-03-1915, Nos petits chasseurs saluant l'Alsace.
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Pendant le bombardement
de Steinbach (Hte-Alsace). This gun
was mockingly baptised 'Kultur'.
FRHW003    22-09-1915, Canon de 120 long.
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FRHW004    09-12-1914, Sur le front [location made unreadable].
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FRHW005    03-12-1916, Real photo.
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A 'poilu' or a 'bleu' was
the common French soldier.
FRHW006    13-03-1916. Journee du poilu 25/26 Dec 1915).