w 3278 px

FRHW007    19-10-1918, St. Agnant (Meuse) bombardé.
w 3238 px
Pre-war postcard.
FRHW008    29-09-1914, Camp de Coetquidan.
w 3325 px

FRHW009    29-03-1917, Bomb. de Reims par les Allemands (19-09-1914).
w 3188 px

Pre-war postcard.
FRHW010    05-04-1915, Verdun, La Citadelle.
w 3271 px

FRHW011    16-05-1915, Section de mitrailleuses gardant un village.
w 3241 px
Already early during the war the French
produced postcards with captions
in French AND English
(sometimes also in Russian).
FRHW012    30-04-1915, French artillery piece in action.