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FRHW031    10-05-1916, Camp de la Valbonne.
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Carte produit en Lunéville.
FRHW032    16-10-1915, Saint-Pierremont.
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FRHW033    07-02-1918, Verdun, ruins of the Rue Neuve.
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With 1000 kisses sent by papa 'Bello'
to his daughter: Keep on your good
work and you will become very clever,
your dad will be proud of you.
FRHW034    10-07-1916, After the battle: last honour.
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Soldier has three 'stripes' on his arm.
Text: "If you gain a rank after each
campaign your arm will not be long
FRHW035    18-08-1916, Soldier sitting on bed near spouse.
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FRHW036    30-12-1916, Happy New Year.