h 3160 px

FRHW151    07-09-1916, Note from the front.
h 3208 px

FRHW152    05-01-1918, My thoughts keep reaching to you.

h 3112 px

The stamp is not authentic
[added to make the postcard
appear more 'real'].
FRHW153    30-04-1915, Heureux Présage [foretoken].
h 3192 px

FRHW154    30-04-1917, At last, my dream comes true!

h 3224 px

Not dated, but written during the war.
FRHW155    ca 1916, A kiss transports a soul.
h 3208 px

However, not yet.
FRHW156    26-04-1915, France freed.