h 3240 px

Sent from Lijon Gare. Stamp removed.
FRWS13    ca 1915, Aux Enfants (patriotic song).
h 3256 px

Lightly stamped, unclear.
FRWS14    ca 1915, For the beloved of my heart.

h 3224 px

French-Russian alliance.
FRWS15    24-11-1914, Two braves.
h 3192 px

FRWS16    12-06-1917, Prayer for the absent one.

h 3224 px

FRWS17    16-11-1914, Unification builds force.
h 3128 px

Many French postcards were sent by
the soldiers in envelopes and used
to put as much text on it as possible.
This is one of many examples.
FRWS18    14-06-1916, The dream of the chasseur Alpin.