This booklet with hundred photos (image 13 x 8 cm) printed in high quality copperplate photogravure was published early in 1916 by the famous printing house Knackstedt & Co. in Hamburg, which was one of the great publishers of postcards. Certainly some (or most) of these photos have also been distributed as postcards. They concern both the Western and the Eastern fronts.

In the short introduction an anonymus (Dr. P.R.) states among others that the photos are selected for several reasons, but not in the last place on account of their artistic value and expression. In 93 cases the photographer (or a photo agency) are named. Most frequently: Hofphot. Kühlewindt (22), R. Sennecke (22), Brothers Haeckel (12), E. Benninghoven (10) and W. Braemer (8).

These scans (about 3250 x 2200 px) are € 4 each.

KNACK001  The emperor (high on the balcony) speaks after the war declaration.

KNACK002  The emperor visits the military HQ of the crown prince.