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Printed in Germany, 252-939.
aci73    New York, Rochester N.Y., Granite Building, 1910.
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Ern. Thill, I/9.
aci74    Brussels, St. Gudule church, 1924 [stamps removed].

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A.K.C. B.
aci75    Buenos-Aires, Avenida de Mayo, 1921.
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Built in 1641, restored in 1903.
aci76    Nürnberg, restored Beautiful Source, 1904.

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Leighton & Valentine (USA).
aci77    New York, Singer Building (47 stories), 1911.
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Ephtmios Frères, Port Said.
Posted by a passenger on a ship
from Rotterdam to Batavia
(hence the Dutch stamp).
aci78    Cairo, Mounting on the Pyramid, 1908.