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Mason Bros. & Co, Boston.
Made in Germany.
aci97    Boston, King's Chapel and School Street, 1908.
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Dominguez, 7.
aci98    Madrid, Partial view, ca 1930 [stamp removed].
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IPEN Co, 96-24.
This is how the new Medici's
build their palaces. ;-)
aci99    New York, U.S. Custom House, 1908.
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R.O. Füsslein, Johannesburg, 4235.
aci100    Pretoria, The Transvaal Hotel, 1910.
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The Postcard & Greeting
Card Cie, Toronto.
Made in Canada.
aci101    Windsor (Ont.), Ouellette Avenue, 1929.
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Verlag ...orch, Wien.
aci102    Gruss aus Wien, Rathhaus, 1901.