h 3160 px

Rotary Photo, London, 8137/5.
Cooper (1888-1971) was actrice.
beb013    Great Britain, Gladys Cooper, 1919
h 3240 px

Nr. 574 (unknown producer).
Cléo (1875-1966) was dancer and
courtisane. A 'grande horizontale'.
beb014    Germany, Cléo de Mérode, 1903

h 3288 px

H&C, Paris. Cliché Reutlinger.
Jane Henriot (1878-1900) died
in a theatre fire, hence the black edge.
beb015    France, Mademoiselle Henriot, 1900
h 3272 px

Reutlinger, Paris (Sip), 86/20.
Elise (born 1879) was an actress.
beb016    France, Elise de Vère, 1903

h 3192 px

Number 3920/5 (German producer
beb017    Netherlands [no stamp], Evie Smeed, 1910
h 3208 px

Photochemie, Berlin, 4116/2.
The great soprano again.
beb018    Netherlands, Farrar (as Marguerite), 1909.