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Reutlinger, Paris (Sip), 65/7.
Gabrielle Réjane (1856-1920), actress.
beb055    Bayern, Réjane, 1904
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NPG (Neue Photogr. Gesellschaft, Berlin);
Photo Vago Budapest.
Stefi Toth, singer.
beb056    Hungary, Bohemszerelem, Toth Stefi, 1908

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Rotary Photo, 1858/V.
Studholme (1872-1930), singer
and actress, was probably the most
popular English model of her days.
beb057    Great Britain, Miss Marie Studholme, 1906
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Rotary Photo, 1697.
Adrienne (1882-1913) sang and danced;
she died young.
beb058    Belgium, Miss Adrienne Augarde, 1909

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No producer mentioned.
Angèle Pornot was a singer.
beb059    France, Pornot (Opera Comique), 1908
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Reutlinger, Paris (Sip), 51/10.
Again La Belle, any complaints?
beb060    France, Otéro, 1902