h 3144 px

No mark (French).
The day of the year of true loves.
dcr115    France, 1905.
h 3224 px

No mark (French).
My neighbour was so astonished
when he saw me leave the bath,
I would not be surprised if this leads
to a marriage.
dcr116    French, 1905.

h 3176 px

No mark (German).
dcr117    Germany, ca 1910.
h 3208 px

AA, 62/3.
dcr118    USA, 1910, Hesitation.

h 3272 px

L'H, Paris, nr. 5 of a series.
dcr119    France, 1903.
h 3128 px

No mark (French).
dcr120    Belgium, 1905, Manon.