h 3144 px

EAS, 3623/1.
dunw25    31-08-1918, Young learned, old done, unclear to Papenburg.
h 3175 px

BV B, 1958/4.
dunw26    10-02-1918, Beauty, Immigrath to Papenburg.

h 3128 px

EAS, 9047/2. The war had not started yet.
I include all these cards for the young
Miss Adelheid Dreyer in Papenburg
because they are nice and represent
what was considered ok for young ladies.
dunw27    12-04-1914, Easter Greetings, Cöln to Papenburg.
h 3144 px

Photochemie, Berlin, 4291/6.
dunw28    17-09-1918, Hoffnung (Hope), Gelsenkirchen to Papenburg.

h 3224 px

NPG, 5065.
Princess Stefanie and prince Rudi
Von Windisch Graetz.
dunw29    18-03-1915, Princess & prince, Bonn to Zutphen (Netherl).
h 3240 px

Real photo.
Handwritten on picture side:
Viele Grüsse an deine Eltern.
dunw30    05-06-1916, Mother and child, Mügeln to unclear.