h 3144 px

NPG, 12883/6.
dupz07    10-06-1916, Pentecost Greetings, Winnenden to Ludwigsburg.
h 3112 px

No mark, 1221/5.
dupz08    29-03-1918, Easter Greetings, Hannover to Papenburg.

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Logo CG L, 466.
dupz09    21-06-1916, Easter Greetings, Gronebach to unreadable.
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Logo S. & G. Saulsohn, Berlin, 203/6.
We sail all over the world
with Prince Heinrich our hero.
dupz10    03-02-1915, within Ludenstein.

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R&K L (Regel & Krug, Leipzig), 2273/3.
dupz11    29-10-1915, Today I must go, Saalkow to Steinhagen.
h 3160 px

PF B (Paul Fink, Berlin), 3544/6.
Dear mother, don't give up etc.
[Father is wounded, series of 6.]
Stamps removed.
dupz12    22-04-1915, Dear mother, Etenaken to Mainz.