w 3174 px
J. Themal, Posen.
Defeat of the Englishmen.
In the early days of the war publishers
used fantasy drawings like this one.
dupz19    10-10-1914, St. Quentin, within Posen.
w 3122 px
Wilh. S. Schröder, Berlin, nr. 53.
Germans enter Brussels.
dupz20    ca Aug 1916, from Aachen to [family in] The Netherlands.
w 3243 px
R&K L (Regel & Krug, Leipzig), 2596/2.
May God help us, that we will not be
defeated before the valiant German
heroes are victorious.
dupz21    ca 1915-16, May God help us, Aachen to Erkelenz.
w 3205 px

Gustav Liersch & Co, Berlin, 7166.
dupz22    17-04-1915, Sons of the crown prince, Dortmund to Wehen.
w 3262 px

Markert & Sohn, Dresden.
The rise of a new empire?
dupz23    10-12-1914, "1914", Dresden to village near Leipzig.
w 3157 px

Photochemie, Berlin, 4342/3.
Coupons were needed for food,
but young men were equally scarce.
dupz24    28-02-1918, Only if you have a coupon, Hilden to Papenburg.