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Logo CA & Co, Kriegspostkarte No. 88.
Small stamping of the Dutch postman.
dupz31    28-04-1915, Gloria Viktoria!, Berlin to Lisse (Netherlands).
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GM T, 400/3.
Victorious we want (to be).
No stamp. Censored in Emmerich.
dupz32    11-07-1916, Siegreich wollen wir, Aachen to Wylre (Neth.).

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Logo CA & Co, 3613.
Meat shortage and hunger in Germany.
dupz33    13-06-1916, No meat left, Schwarzwald to Bamberg.
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Amag (Albrecht & Meister,
Berlin), 62180/3.
You shall not hoard.
dupz34    07-08-1918, Du sollst nicht Hamstern!, unclear to Papenburg.

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Hans Kohler & Co, München.
dupz35    05-02-1916, War comrades, Kitzingen to Miltenberg.
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Ross, Berlin, 3536.
Old kings and generals.
The war had just begun.
B 14 is the postman in Amsterdam.
dupz36    30-09-1914, Kanonen donnern (song), Hannover to Amsterdam.