h 3208 px

No mark. Embossed.
Where German flags flutter
we cannot fare badly.
dupz49    1915, Wo deutsche Flaggen wehn, unclear to bei Offenbach.
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EAS, K. 906.
Unity makes strong.
dupz50    26-09-1917, Einigkeit macht stark, unclear to Bamberg.

h 3240 px

AS B logo, Serie 318.
dupz51    24-12-1915, Christmas Greetings, Hamburg to unreadable.
h 3256 px

FWB, K. 242.
dupz52    03-04-1915, Easter Greetings, Greifswald to Baden-Baden.

h 3256 px

No mark. Embossed.
dupz53    03-04-1915, Easter Greetings, unclear to Elbertfeld.
h 3256 px

No mark. Nr. 32.
Even if rocks and oaks split,
Germany will never tremble.
dupz54    05-11-1915, Ob Fels und Eichen, Nürnberg to Erlangen.