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Frequently asked questions about SCANSHOP600 ™
Can you do this cheaper?
No, I can't. Maintaining a webshop like this one is terribly time consuming. Scanning and putting 40 postcards online with correct captions takes about a full day. I intend to operate the Rolls Royce among the image sites and to offer postcards that you probably will not find online in this high resolution through Google, but don't forget to check Google first!
Can I order single sided scans?
No, you can't. It complicates the ordering process, it invites mistakes. Furthermore, the address sides prove that the postcards have really been sent then and there from one person to another. This makes the scans more than just another lovely old picture.
Do I acquire the copyright of the scans?
No, not formally. But the rights of these vintage postcards (all produced before 1945) tend to be expired or were unknown to begin with. Known credits of artists, photographers and postcard manufacturers can nevertheless be mentioned to respect them.
Can I buy the postcards?
No, not yet. But you can mail me.

The postcard right (Dutch, 1917) reads: "I shall send her my bread coupon, because I feel more love than hunger." German card for the American market, during WW I superimprinted for use in the Netherlands. Of course, nearly all colors were fake until the 1950s.