w 3211 px
E. Sanwald, Esslingen.

These photos by professional photographers   were cleared by military authorities [like news   photos in the papers]. In this Gallery
NO geographical location is mentioned.
faw01    10-05-1917, On the way to the position, to unreadable
w 3288 px
K. Bauer, München, 330.
All cards in this Gallery have a postal
Feldpost stamping [Deutsche Feldpost etc.]
AND a non-postal army stamping.
faw02    18-04-1916, Ready, to Pfarrkirchen [?]
w 3291 px

Imberg & Lefson, Berlin, 289.
faw03    04-10-1917, Soldiers buying on a week market, to Linden
w 3328 px

Sächsische Verlagsanstalt, Dresden.
faw04    10-06-1915, In the trench, to ...heim a.M.
w 3203 px

Schaar & Dathe, Trier, 853.
faw05    15-02-1918, Enemy wire to be overcome, to unreadable
w 3212 px

Karl Voegels, Berlin, 174.
faw06    02-04-1916, In a trench, to Heidelberg