w 3242 px

No mark, K. 49.
faw25    11-03-1916, House band in the trench, to Simle (RhW)
w 3227 px

Hermann Wolff, Berlin, 802.
Originalaufnahme vom Kriegsschauplatz..
faw26    18-06-1916, The trench is ready, to Nürnberg
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Dr Trenkler, Leipzig, XXXIX/4.
Fake trees in the background,
erected by the German army.
faw27    14-05-1915, Trench in a wood, to Rodewisch (Sachsen)
w 3332 px

Sächsische Verlagsanstalt, Dresden, 1024.
faw28    30-08-1915, In the trench, to 'bei Mainz'
w 3303 px

Imberg & Lefson, Berlin, K. 216.
faw29    16-08-1916, Shelter for mine throwers, to Dortmund
w 3233 px

Book shop of the 7th Armee.
faw30    15-07-1918, New papers in army book shop, to Feldpost