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George Stilke, Brüssel.
Location is probably Belgian.
faw31    23-03-1917, Some old castle, to Karlsruhe (Baden)
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Photochemie, Berlin, 3001. Real photo.
Photo R. Sennecke.
faw32    05-01-1915, Field camp afer arduous march, to 'bei Hamburg'
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FEM, 46.
faw33    04-01-1916, Installing telephone cables, to Feldpost
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K.V., Berlin, 425.
Full text: The German man does not
like any Russian, but his cows he
likes to milk.
faw34    12-12-1916, German men like Russian cows, to Urbach (Thür.)
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E. Sanwald, Esslingen.
faw35    09-03-1918, Strong defence line in the wood, to Württ.
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Logo BHC, Eagle.
faw36    23-08-1916, Bicycle platoon, to 'bei Bonn'