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Simhart & Co, Muenchen,
Fritz W. Egger, Muenchen.
faw55    19-12-1915, Feldpost office in France, to unclear
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III Armee, Hans Hildenbrand, photo.
faw56    29-01-1916, Fesselballon, to unclear
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No mark.
faw57    11-04-1916, Large farm in Chevreux, to Briessnitz (?)
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J. Gottschalk, Düren.
faw58    26-09-1918, Downed French airplane, to Essen
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No mark. Photo Hagmann.
faw59    06-08-1915, Buzancy (Dep. Ardennes), to unclear
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Liller Kriegszeitung.
faw60    07-11-1916, War prisoners on the Grande Place, to Nürnberg