w 3240 px

WS+SB (Wilhelm S. Schröder, Berlin), 910/1.
A song.
fmr25    18-06-1915, The people stand up, to Hessen
w 3161 px

M.B. L., 1468.
Early in the war post card producers used
paintings of very outdated battle scenes.
fmr26    05-04-1915, Battles of our brave troops, to Leipzig
w 3275 px

R&K L (Regel & Krug, Leipzig), 2590/3.
A song.
fmr27    11-04-1915, O Deutschland hoch in Ehren, to Altdorf
w 3219 px

WS+SB (Wilhelm S. Schröder, Berlin), 983/IV.
fmr28    07-04-1916, We live like at home with Mom, to Wickendorf
w 3183 px

MB L, 46.
fmr29    12-10-1915, In the trench, to 'bei Ansbach'
w 3186 px

PFB (Paul Fink, Berlin), 2484/2.
fmr30    29-12-1916, Happy New Year, to Stuttgart