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This Gallery is a small selection of NOT
war-related postcards, including many pre-war
topographical cards from France and Belgium.
kuk01    10-10-1914, pre-war, French troops, to Stetzsch.
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All cards in this Gallery have a postal
Feldpost stamping [Deutsche Feldpost etc.]
AND (mostly) an army stamping.
kuk02    09-11-1914, pre-war, Camp de Sissonne, to Meissen.
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Place de la République. E.C.
kuk03    10-11-1914, pre-war: Lille, to Derschlag bei Köln.
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Handwritten: received on 6-12-1914.
kuk04    12-11-1914, pre-war: Camp de Sissonne, to Sebintz [?]
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Camp de Sissonne. ND, 173.
kuk05    03-01-1915, pre-war: French artillery, to unreadable.
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Caserne de Jardin-Fontaine.
kuk06    02-09-1916, pre-war: Verdun, to Müllenbach bei Köln.