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'Oostende' crossed for military reasons.
S.Y.L. Lichtervelde.
kuk13    04-01-1918, pre-war: De Kursaal (Oostende) to Prov. Hannover.
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kuk14    23-11-1916, to Giessen (Hessen)
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No mark. Belgian postcard.
Het Steen in Antwerpen (museum).
kuk15    18-08-1915, pre-war: Anvers, to Prov. Brandenburg.
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Nels/Ern. Thill, Bruxelles.
House Gruuthuse and Notre Dame.
kuk16    08-10-1917, pre-war: Bruges, to Augsburg.
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Nels/Ern. Thill, Bruxelles.
With statue made by Brabo.
kuk17    08-09-1917, pre-war: Anvers, City Hall, to Cöln/Ehrenfeld.
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Nels/Phono-Photo, Tournai.
kuk18    10-05-1917, pre-war: Tournai, to Oedt bei Crefeld.