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Star, 2584. (Belgian postcard.)
fnwr31    23-12-1914, Flemish milk maid, to Berlin.
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Nels/Ern. Thill, Bruxelles.
The (long) series 'nos baigneuses' or
'onze baadsters' was popular before and
during the war, most of all in the
Belgian seaside resorts.
fnwr32    02-10-1915, Bathing beauty, to Leipzig.

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Nels/Ern. Thill, Bruxelles.
fnwr33    24-02-1917, Bathing beauties, to military address.
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R&K L (Regel & Krug, Leipzig), 2496/6.
fnwr34    15-04-1916, Children with tree, to Giessen.

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Photochemie, Berlin, 712/1.
fnwr35    02-04-1917, Easter Greetings, to Sastaitten.
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K.V.i.B. (Kunstanstalt Voremberg,
Berlin), 4260.
fnwr36    03-02-1916, Girl with flowers, to Giessen.