h 3144 px

Circé, 4451 (French).
fnwr43    02-07-1916, French artillerist, to Frankfurt
h 3288 px

No mark.
fnwr44    28-02-1916, Denkmal in Laon, 1870-71, to unclear

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No mark.
fnwr45    02-04-1915, La Pommeraye, to Kiekebusch bei Madlow
h 3240 px

No mark.
fnwr46    07-04-1915, Liège, to Crefeld

h 3208 px

fnwr47    21-02-1916, Courtrai, Monument de Mgr Dehaeme, to Preussen
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S.-D., Bruxelles.
fnwr48    02-11-1917, Courtrai (Kortrijk), to Kreis Hamelen bei Hannover