w 3185 px

No mark (pre war Belgian).
fnwr55    23-06-1915, Ypres, Porte de Lille, to Klettwitz
w 3194 px

fnwr56    26-10-1915, Marquillies, to Niel Kr. Cleve.
w 3285 px

Gaspillage, Charlotteville (France).
fnwr57    05-10-1914, Le Chateau de Belval (Ardennes), to unclear
w 3256 px

No mark.
fnwr58    23-03-1916, Berlin, Zeughaus, to Rums
w 3217 px

No mark, pre war.
fnwr59    05-06-1915, Douai, La Gare, to M. Gladbach
w 3261 px
No mark, pre war.
fnwr60    03-06-1915, Douai, Rue Saint-Jacques, to M. Gladbach