h 3176 px

WS+SB (Wilhelm S. Schröder, Berlin),
1049/I. 'Victory on every line.'
fpp01    09-07-1917, Sieg auf der ganzen Linie, to Dresden
h 3080 px

EAS (E.A. Schwerdtfeger, Berlin, 04715/2.
The word Jahrgang refers clearly
to a new draft of soldiers.
fpp02    10-12-1917, The youngest 'Jahrgang', to unreadable

h 3272 px

EM M (München), 125.
Artist Ross won a contest.
fpp03    01-10-1916, German Eagle beats French Cock, to Amberg
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J. Reitz, Strassburg.
Pre-War postcard, now a statement.
fpp04    28-04-1915, Elsässerin - Alsacienne, to Bezirk Wiesbaden

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CGL, 313.
fpp05    09-03-1916, Adequate quarter, to Eiserfeld (Westfalen)
h 3304 px

Gustav Liersch & Co, Berlin, 7172/8.
Series Our leaders in the War.
fpp06    23-04-1916, Generaloberst von Beseler, to Duisburg