h 3224 px

M.K.B. (Moderner Kunstverlag, Berlin), 40/2.
I wish you luck and peace.
fpp13    08-04-1917, Den Wunsch für Dich, to Wittemberge/Elbe
h 3240 px

Albert Fink, Berlin, 852.
Series Deutsche Gemälde.
fpp14    18-12-1915, On the field of honor, to Prov. Hannover

h 3160 px

E.P. & Co [?], A 164.
Painting of Hugo Braune.
fpp15    13-02-1915, French trench destroyed, to 'bei Frankfurt a.M.'
h 3272 px

Kladderadatsch, annex 9.
A pressing question:
Poincaré asks Jeanne d'Arc
how to get the Germans away.
fpp16    04-09-1916, Unmittelbare Anfrage, to 'bei Lübeck'

h 3224 px

Carl A.E. Schmidt, Dresden.
Das Vaterunser, Bild 4. German
officer prays for dying French officer.,
fpp17    19-09-1917, [Prayer] And forgive us our sins, to Dienheim
h 3256 px

fpp18    29-03-1916, In the trench, to unreadable