h 3208 px

Druck Hofferbaum & Schmidt, Berlin.
Design: Fritz Erler. Of this postcard
more than 1 million copies were sold.
fpp19    12-07-1917, Buy War Loans, to Mittelfranken
h 3224 px

WS+SB (Wilhem S. Schröder,
Berlin), 1558.
Stamp: For military reasons delayed.
fpp20    21-03-1916, My love dove to you, to unreadable

h 3272 px

Sächsischer Verlagsanstalt, Dresden, 537.
fpp21    10-05-1915, to Leipzig
h 3224 px

No mark, nr. 51.
fpp22    04-07-1917, to Westerwald

h 3144 px

No mark, 3639/2.
fpp23    05-06-1915, to Holstein
h 3288 px

Trau & Schwab, Dresden.
Many regiments etc. had their name
imprinted on 'classic' postcards.
This motto reads: "We keep them
far away from our home lands."
fpp24    31-05-1917, to 'bei Frankfurt'