h 3192 px

&MBN (Moriz & Barschall).
fpp31    28-03-1915, Eastern Greetings, to Unterfarnbach (Bayern)
h 3272 px

No mark, Serie I/3.
Germany forever, that's the name
of my song.
fpp32    24-03-1916, Little poem, to Aachen

h 3224 px

No mark.
fpp33    07-07-1916, Two flags, to Feldpost address
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WS+SB (Wilhelm S. Schröder,
Berlin), 13.
fpp34    15-02-1916, Happy Birthday, to unreadable

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&MBN (Moriz & Barschall).
fpp35    21-02-1917, Happy Birthday, to 'bei Bremen'
h 3240 px

Emil Hartmann, Strassburg.
fpp36    02-04-1915, Eastern Greetings, to unreadable