w 3237 px

Hüglin & Fischer, Barmen, mr. 503.
fpp43    20-02-1917, Removing of lice, to Sahlberg
w 3268 px

Trau & Schwab, Dresden.
Quote of Wilhelm II.
fpp44    16-12-1915, Regimentskarte, to Dessau [?]
w 3292 px

W. Petersen, Leipzig.
They want to sing in Germany.
Artist Toni Aram.
fpp45    11-02-1915, Allies want to Germany, to Sachsen
w 3258 px

J.F. Lehmann, München.
Artist Anton Hoffmann.
fpp46    03-10-1917, Shooters' row, to Wiesbaden
w 3148 px

Niem, Elberfeld.
Ironic text: No culture here at all,
every night big hunting time.
fpp47    19-11-1917, Hunting rats, to Westfalen
w 3247 px

Karl Voegels, Berlin, 77.
Turkos was a name for the
African soldiers in the French army.
fpp48    22-08-1915, Defeating Turkos near Ypres, to Leeroth (Ostfr.)