w 3331 px

Niem, Elberfeld (plus unclear logo
L&P, 3629).
fpp55    19-04-1916, Easter Greetings, to Haaren i.W.
w 3243 px

HWB, K. 246. Embossed.
fpp56    04-04-1915, Easter Greetings, to Ingelheim
w 3250 px

WS+SB (Wilhelm S. Schröder,
Berlin), Serie 1654.
fpp57    08-06-1916, Pentecost Greetings, to Lippe
w 3178 px

&MBN (Moriz & Brachall, Neukölln), 4853.
This time: Luck and Peace are wished.
fpp58    25-12-1915, Happy New Year, to Reichenschwand
w 3261 px

EAS (E.A. Schwerdtfeger, Berlin),
K. 365, embossed.
fpp59    26-12-1915, Happy New Year, to Cölln-Ehrenfeld
w 3288 px

S.V.D. (Sächs. Verlagsanstalt, Dresden),
Nr. 3039.
fpp60    25-12-1916, Peace & Prosperity in the New Year, to Steinfurt