w 3265 px
E M.S.i.B. (Martin Schlesinger,
Berlin), 253.
The loud and clear ringing of bells
let it mean victory and peace.
fpp61    31-01-1916, Slogan, to Kreis Gummersbach
w 3261 px

S.V.D. (Sächs. Verlagsanstalt, Dresden),
Serie 3110/1.
A rose's greeting, a heart's greeting.
fpp62    01-11-1917, Ein Rosengruss, to Ellwangen (Württ.)
w 3300 px

HWB, K. 404.
fpp63    20-05-1915, Pentecost Greetings, to 'bei Mainz'
w 3267 px

H. Bahlsens KEKs-Fabrik, Hannover.
Angel may pass with titbits (a.o'from KEK) for the troops.
fpp64    23-01-1916, Christmas Greetings, to Feldpost address
w 3261 px

L&P, 5707/I.
fpp65    28-12-1915, Happy New Year, to Frankfurt
w 3274 px

U.M. (Ulrich Meyer, Berlin),
Serie Krieg & Sieg, 7.
fpp66    27-01-1916, Song of praise for Hindenburg, to Bogel