h 3240 px

The emperor called,
and all, all came!
fpp73    05-07-1916, Der Kaiser rief, to Hamelen
h 3240 px

GGK, 991.
fpp74    05-06-1916, Pentacost Greetings, to 'bei Nordhausen'

h 3256 px

HWB, 409.
fpp75    19-05-1915 (or 16), Pentacost Greetings, to Ludwigshafen
h 3240 px

No mark, 125/3.
fpp76    14-04-1916, Loyal German Easter Greetings, to Feldpostst. 92

h 3256 px

E (Martin Schlesinger, Berlin), 1421.
fpp77    18-12-1916, Christmas Greetings, to Lüdenscheid
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EAS, K. 125.
Easter bells ring in all Germany,
may the peoples soon embrace
a bond of peace.
fpp78    28-03-1915 [of 16], Easter Greetings, to Schönefeld