w 3166 px
Unclear logo, nr. 12.
Sea battle near Coronel
(1 November 1914).
fpp91    19-10-1915, Bei Chile, to Sachsen
w 3248 px

Trau & Schwab, Dresden.
Also known with imprints
for other infantry regiments.
fpp92    08-11-1917, Infanterie near Hill 304, to Oldenburg
w 3298 px
Trau & Schwab, Dresden. Also known
for other regiments. Quote Wilhelm II:
We do not want to conquer, we are
inspired by the unbendable desire
to remain where God has located us.
fpp93    20-02-1918, Infanterie Regiment Nr. 369, to Duisburg
w 3232 px

Nenke & Ostermaier, Dresden, 4/7534.
fpp94    29-05-1916, SM "U9" versenkt Engl. Handelsschiffe, to Aachen
w 3293 px

Deutscher Luftflotten-Verein.
fpp95    22-11-1915, Manoevres in the air, to Kreis Aachen
w 3145 px

W.Sanke, Berlin, 1019.
Sanke was specialized in airplanes and
pilots. These postcards are rare.
fpp96    10-11-1917, Der neue Fokker-Eindecker, to Bochum