w 3273 px
G. Mertens, Aachen.
Home for returning soldiers,
this one in Aachen.
fpp97    29-08-1916, Deutsches Einkehrhaus, to Hamburg
w 3268 px

Knackstedt & Co, Hamburg.
Message: we are no barbarians.
fpp98    13-02-1917, French nun on het way to the church, to Feldpost 970
w 3239 px
W. Capus, Luxemburg.
Woman and child miraculously
unwounded after bombardment.
In German and French.
fpp99    19-01-1915, Bahnwärterhaus in Signeulx, to Eichloch
w 3182 px

NPG, 4523.
Phot. B.I.G. Berlin.
fpp100    24-10-1916, The emperor with his six sons, to Marienburg
w 3337 px

A. Harth, Mainz.
Little poem of A. Seipp, artist F. Weber,
both being soldiers themselves.
fpp101    13-06-1915, In the trench, to Darmstadt
w 3267 px

EAS, K. 350.
A hard year lies behind us,
may God help with Germany's future.
fpp102    27-12-1915, Happy New Year, to Rheinhessen.