w 3259 px
No mark.
Cosy army life.
fpp103    08-02-1916, No title, to Altenburg
w 3215 px

Karl Voegels, Berlin, 1006.
In trouble and in death,
loyal until the last breath.
fpp104    25-02-1916, In Not und Tod, to unclear
w 3225 px

WS+SB, 1620.
fpp105    22-05-1917, Pentacost Greetings, to Nürnberg
w 3240 px

E (Martin Schlesinger, Berlin), 153.
fpp106    31-03-1915, Easter Greetings, to Hanau
w 3267 px

Johannes Nonnewitz, Teuchern, 8568.
fpp107    10-12-1915, In treue fest, to Giessen
w 3268 px

Gerhard Stalling, Oldenburg.
Serie Schützengrabenkarten, nr. 2.
fpp108    14-04-1917, Soldier mending a sock, to Bad Kreuznach