w 3300 px
AR&C i. B., no. 833.
Very cynical, in 1917 (but unintendedly,
I may suppose).
fpp109    27-05-1917, Rekruten-Transport, to Thüringen
w 3254 px
AR&C i. B., no. 615.
French boy: I do not play with you
anymore. German boy: you started and
now you flee away. Hurrahpatriottismus.
fpp110    08-02-1915, Ich spiele nicht mehr mit, to Trier
w 3232 px

SVD, 6024/1.
Note the turkish coat of arms.
fpp111    28-12-1916, Happy New Year, to Imelsbach bei Burscheid
w 3295 px

ASM (A. Seyboldt, München), nr. 1440.
The soldier prays: I go to sleep, but if
you need me, God, wake me up.
fpp112    30-11-1915, Barn, to Regensburg.
w 3208 px

L&P, 1866. They pray:
God, protect our father and
bring him home.
fpp113    29-11-1916, Children at cross, to post Wildburg (Württ)
w 3289 px

CA&Co, 4719.
With bible quotation from Revelations.
fpp114    28-12-1916, Kriegerfriedhof in den Vogesen, to München