w 3200 px

These photos were made by the soldiers
themselves and developed [near the front
area] on photo paper with postcard lining.
frp01    23-11-1915, to Kreis M. Gladbach
w 3242 px

All cards in this Gallery have a postal
Feldpost stamping [Deutsche Feldpost etc.]
AND a non-postal army stamping.
frp02    23-03-1916, to Reutlingen
w 3188 px

frp03    17-05-1917, to unreadable
w 3242 px

frp04    02-09-1916, to 'bei Aachen'
w 3218 px

frp05    09-04-1917, to Rump [?]
w 3262 px

frp06    11-08-1915, to Barmen (Westfalen)