w 3244 px
Willy Koehler, Metz, 80.
These photos by professional photographers   were cleared by military authorities [like news   photos in the papers].
fwe01    06-06-1915, Argonnen, to Amsberg
w 3217 px
W. Capus, Luxemburg, 216.
All cards in this Gallery have a postal
Feldpost stamping [Deutsche Feldpost etc.]
AND a non-postal army stamping.
fwe02    27-06-1915, Conflans, to Leipzig
w 3310 px

Imberg & Lefson, Berlin.
fwe03    13-11-1916, Aisne, to Rheinland
w 3206 px

Schaar & Dathe, Trier, 2445.
fwe04    30-12-1916, vor Verdun, to Rotha bei Leipzig
w 3261 px

fwe05    18-04-1916, Argonnen, to Ohringen (Württemberg)
w 3190 px

Schaar & Dathe, Trier, 823.
fwe06    08-05-1916, Le Châtelet, to Lüneburg