w 3222 px

J.G. Schmitz, Cöln.
fwe37    08-11-1917, Explosion in Lille (11-02-1916), to Mering
w 3278 px

Karl Voegels, Berlin, 199.
fwe38    14-01-1915, Lorettohöhe, to Arzberg
w 3271 px

No mark.
fwe39    12-10-1916, Sivry an der Maas, to Feldpost address
w 3178 px

A. Menzendorf, Berlin.
Staged. Not during a real fight.
fwe40    18-04-1917, Argonnen, to unreadable [Langen...]
w 3243 px

No mark.
fwe41    18-05-1915, Corbeny, to Hörde
w 3160 px

Photo Ebert.
Probably army edition.
fwe42    28-08-1916, Laon (St. Martinskirche), to Darmstadt