w 3313 px

W.R.B. & Co, Wien, nr. 207.
Painting by L. Wintorovsky.
K.u.K. Feldpostamt.
kuk13    10-08-1915, In the first line, to Moravia.
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M.B. L., 1451.
K.u.K. Feldpostamt.
The painted scene is pure fantasy.
kuk14    29-04-1915, Attack near Luneville, to Plov.

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Verlag f allgemeines Wissen, Berlin, 114.
K.D. Feldpostexped.
kuk15    17-04-1916, Cathedral in Pinsk, to Giessen (Hessen).
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Local publisher.
K.D. Feldpostexp.
kuk16    16-03-1916, Greetings from Prabo [?]. to Giessen.

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Fritz Kranskopf, Königsberg, nr. 1373.
K.D. Feldpostexped.
kuk17    21-01-1916, The war in the East, In a trench, to Schöneweide.
h 3128 px

Photo made by Adela, Krakow.
K.u.K. Feldpostamt.
kuk18    17-08-1916, Soldier, to Hungary.