h 3240 px

L&P, 5745/I.
K.u.K. Feldpostamt.
In my heart glows a fire
that I shall love you forever.
kuk19    18-11-1916, In my heart, to Vienna.
h 3272 px

F.H. & S. (Wien), nr. H 184b.
K.u.K. Feldpostamt.
Censored in Waidbruck.
kuk20    23-12-1915, Happy New Year, to Chemnitz.

h 3192 px

M.B. L., 1569.
K.u.K. Feldpostamt.
I think of you when in the battle
you are surrounded by enemies etc.
kuk21    25-09-1916, I think of you, to military address.
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C. Angerer & Güschl, Wien.
K.u.K. Feldpostamt.
kuk22    12-03-1917. Rainer Invalidenfonds, to unreadable.

h 3256 px

Albert Langen, München, nr. 1.
Kriegspostkarten von B. Wennerberg.
K.u.K. Feldpostamt.
kuk23    04-05-1917, Mother and child, cavalerist, to Schönberg.
h 3272 px

ASM, nr. 1466.
K.u.K. Feldpostamt.
Sleep, baby, sleep,
your father fights for our home country,
we are all in God's hands,
sleep, baby, sleep.
kuk24    02-09-1916, Sleep, baby, sleep, to Bad Hall (Upper Austria).