w 3203 px
Photochemie, Berlin, 3017/1.
Our 'barbarians' in enemy country.
maw01    03-02-1915, Ludenscheid to Solingern.
w 3263 px
No mark. Transport of wounded.
Artist Strieffler, 1914.
maw02    16-06-1915, Aschaffenburg to Frankfurt.
w 3218 px

E.H. & Co, i. B., nr. 108.
Clearly a staged photo.
maw03    02-06-1917, Bitsch (Uebungsplatz) to 'near Bonn'.
w 3269 px
Spahn, Grafenwöhr.
Captivated French transporting
bought [not 'stolen'] food.
maw04    27-03-1915, Lager Grafenwohr to Nürnberg.
w 3280 px

No mark [= Imberg & Lefson].
Battlefield hygiene.
maw05    16-04-1916, Arsbach to Zweibrücken (Pfalz).
w 3275 px

B.B. & O.L.
Slogan: We Germans fear God,
but nothing else in the world.
maw06    08-08-1915, Dresden to Feldpost address in Lille.