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C.G. L., 85.
Soldiers' life.
maw07    11-09-1915, Rostock to Hamburg.
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No mark. In the trenbch.
maw08    27-11-1915, Gent [occupied] to unreadable.
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No mark. Troop and stable barracks.
maw09    28-05-1915, Kreis Jüterbog to Ruppers...
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J.F. Lehmann, München.
An officer's shelter.
maw10    16-05-1916, Neukölln to Kruft bei Andernach a.R.
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Sächsische Verlagsanstalt,
Dresden, 326.
Watching out in enemy's country.
maw11    05-01-1915, Nürnberg to Antwerpen (military).
h 3272 px

Imberg & Lefson, Berlin, 251.
maw12    05-06-1916, Bammenthal to Oberursel bei Frankfurt.