h 3192 px

WS+SB, 922/4. I serve my Kaiser loyally.
Most postcards in this gallery
were published in series of 6.
I show just one example of each.
mmr01    26-07-1915, Ittenheim (Unterels.) to Crefeld.
h 3240 px

L&P, 5697/II.
Stolzenfels am Rhein (old song).

The postcards in this gallery were sent
TO or BY troops in active service.
The latter can have a military stamping
additional to the civil stamping.
mmr02    24-10-1915, Hannover to Göttingen.

h 3224 px

R&K L (Regel & Krug, Leipzig),
2592/2. Stolzenfels am Rhein.
Many old songs were published by
competing postcard publishers.
mmr03    18-04-1915, Andernach to Aachen.
h 3128 px

Amag (Albrecht & Meister, Berlin),
Without a filled in request form.
mmr04    27-10-1917, Höchst to Bitsch.

h 3176 px

WS+SB (Wilhelm S. Schröder, Berlin),
994/V. What love me offered.
mmr05    16-02-1917, Esslingen to unreadable.
h 3144 px

EAS (E.A. Schwerdtfeger, Berlin),
2419/3. The sea rustles.
mmr06    21-11-1915, Harzgerode to a navy ship.