h 3320 px

L&P, 1714. Father, I call Thee.
mmr19    09-08-1915, Müllheim to Freiburg.
h 3144 px

M.B. L., Import, 1447.
At guard am Rhein (famous song).
Statue of Germania.
mmr20    15-02-1917, Taboripostahivata in Nagyszeben [both ?].

h 3160 px

Photochemie, Berlin, 3030/2.
Anothger version of Die Wacht am RFhein.
mmr21    20-06-1915, Schwedt to Gartow bei Dessow.
h 3176 px

NPG (Neue Photogr. Gesellschaft,
Berlin), 12655. Your father is in the war,
you would like to fly to him.
mmr22    07-12-1915, Zeilsheim to Feldpost address.

h 3160 px

KV B (Kleiner Verlag, Berlin), 2014/2.
The youngest footsoldier goes to war.
mmr23    05-09-1917, xxx im Eifel to unreadable.
h 3208 px

M.B. L., 151. Come soon back.
mmr24    27-06-1916, Legau [?] to military address in Mainz.