w 3287 px

WS+SB, 956/IV.
The people stand up, the storm rises,
who keeps then cowardly his hands on his lap.
mmr43    12-12-1915, Münsingen (Württ) to unreadable.
w 3172 px

No mark. Warrior-Song.
mmr44    26-08-1916, Flensburg to Meisen.
w 3241 px

EAS (E.A. Schwerdtfeger, Berlin), 1849/4.
New Year's Greetings.
On the bells: peace in 1915.
mmr45    29-12-1914, Bischheim to Neckarhausen.
w 3137 px

M.B. L., Import.
Assemble your rifles.
mmr46    13-01-1916, Göttingen to unreadable.
w 3173 px

Photochemie, Berlin, 3129/2.
Drei Masken Verlag, München.
Always forcefully forward!
mmr47    08-05-1916, Gross... to Feldpost address.
w 3163 px

M.B. L., Import, 34. Eastern Greetings.
Soon it will be peace, then I'll return.
mmr48    Berlin to unreadable.