w 3261 px

This Gallery is a small selection of NOT
war-related postcards, postage free
sent TO or BY military.
mnwr01    25-11-1914, Ostende, Gent to Dresden.
w 3240 px
Grand'Place, Bruxelles.
All cards in this Gallery have a civil
stamping, some an army stamping too.
mnwr02    18-01-1915, Bruxelles, Brussel to Hamburg.
w 3226 px

No mark (Belgian postcard).
Maisons des corporations (Gildenhuizen).
mnwr03    25-05-1918, Bruxelles, Hanau to Lüdenscheid.
w 3176 px

Nels/Er. Thill, Bruxelles.
Le monument Palfyn.
mnwr04    02-10-1915, Courtrai, Unreadable (Belgien) to bei Leipzig.
w 3230 px

Edition Priamos.
mnwr05    22-06-1915, Anvers, Antwerpen to Berlin.
w 3269 px

No mark, 149 (Belgian postcard).
Early date. An ocean liner in Anvers.
mnwr06    21-10-1914, Anvers, Gent to Dresden.